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PRO TICINO is a worldwide organization headquartered in Bellinzona which was incorporated in 1915.  It gathers ticinesi who reside outside the Canton of Ticino, in Switzerland and abroad. There are about 5,700 current members.

Its purpose is to preserve our Swiss-Italian culture, safeguard and emphasize our language, publicize the Canton of Ticino and its values, and promote cultural, economic and gastronomic activities.

Branches of PRO TICINO are located in many Swiss Cantons, Europe, North and South America, Africa and Australia, reflecting the immigration of ticinesi in the earlier part of last century.

The New York branch, also called PRO TICINO EAST COAST, was reorganized in 1999 and has currently about 50 members.


PRO TICINO has a Comitato Centrale, which meets regularly in Switzerland. Delegates of all branches (Assemblea dei Delegati) meet on an annual basis in Switzerland and branches’ presidents (Consiglio dei Presidenti) also meet on an annual basis.

The New York branch has a Comitato with Alberto Zonca as President and Gabriella Garzoni as Secretary.

Every ticinese residing on the East Coast of the United States is welcome to join our organization. All descendents of ticinesi are also welcome, as well as every person sharing our Swiss-Italian culture.

To facilitate meetings, new branches of PRO TICINO may be organized outside New York City.


We organize occasional meetings based on initiatives by our members. These meetings usually take place in New York City.


PRO TICINO publishes a bi-monthly magazine which can be viewed on line. Please contact us to request login Information.


Alberto Zonca
4 Sandburg Court
USA-07666 Teaneck, NJ